cailinmarie-sings: Hey! my name is Cailin Marie, i am a 16 year old singer/songwriter. I am trying to reach my goal of 10K on twitter before the release of my debut EP next month, so it would mean the world if you took a second to check out my music (Its the most recent post at the top of my blog). if you like what you see, tweet me: @ImCailinMarie


I don’t have twitter, so I cannot help you personally, but I’ll post this publicly so that my followers who see this may follow you.

I hope your dreams come true, good luck! x

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awkwardreblogger: Hi can you do a post on TUM HI HO from Aashiqui 2 and WHAT ABOUT LOVE by Austin Mahone?? Thanks a lot and btw I'm in love with all of ur posts they're amazing😊

Hey, of course, I don’t see why I cannot. 

I was thinking I should post something, anyway, it’s been too long.

Check back in a while :)

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Anonymous: how do you make these because they are incredible? :) x

Aw, thank you, love :)

I don’t do much, I just use Picasa 3, with a bunch of fonts that I’ve got :)

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Anonymous: can you do i think about you by ross lynch? :)thanks!!

Hey! Yes, it’ll be posted in a moment, I hope you like it :)

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